Do you have an old family recipe that you would like to market?  Is the cost of manufacturing, rent and labor driving your prices higher?  Let Dough-to-Go make your product for you!  We specialize in developing and producing bakery products for other companies.  Many of our co-packing clients are well known, but what isn't well known is we make it in our facility with their label!  Don't ask us to list who they are, we are also very good at keeping secrets.  If you're a small business or new company, chances are that our buying power and manufacturing efficiencies will make it less expensive to have us make it for you.


Dough-to-Go Co-Packing Guidelines

Pricing Dough-to-Go works off a cost (raw materials, packaging and labor) plus 40% margin for all co-pack pricing.  Raw material cost fluctuates regularly so pricing may change without notice.  Contract pricing is available only when given specific volume guarantees.  Storage and handling charges will apply to raw material and packaging items brought in by the client and not purchased by Dough-to-Go.


All orders must be in bulk quantities and picked up or shipped to one location.  Additional charges will apply to multiple shipping locations.  UPS/Fed Ex shipping is very labor intensive and will incur a greater charge.

All orders must have at least 5 working days lead-time (weekends and holidays are not included).  Last minute or emergency orders requires Dough-to-Go to pay overtime wages to their employees, these costs must be passed onto the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to maintain a reasonable inventory in case of raw material shortages, equipment breakdowns or any unforeseen circumstance beyond the control of Dough-to-Go. 

It is the client’s responsibility to build inventory over the course of several months for seasonal items.  Dough-to-Go cannot suddenly increase their output during the fall and holiday months.  For example, Dough-to-Go starts making their fall products in mid-summer.

EquipmentIt is the responsibility of the client to maintain all client-owned equipment brought into Dough-to-Go.  Daily care and cleaning will be done by us and is included in the standard labor prices. 

PaymentDough-to-Go will require all start-up companies to provide a deposit which will be applied to future orders.  This money is used to buy in bulk raw materials specific to the client's product.  When the deposit has been used in full, terms will then be COD until good credit has been established.  Terms for an already established business is Net 15

ProductionDough-to-Go uses industry standard 60 quart mixers for all products.  The client is responsible to provide recipes for use in this size mixer and employee training.  All ingredients must be available through wholesale means.  Recipe formulation, nutritional analysis, ingredient search, packaging development and general business consulting are all available through Dough-to-Go at $150hr or an agreed upon price.  No charge for a one hour introductory consultation and tour of our facility.

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